Food Pantry

Here at Montgomery, we want to do all that we can to support our students to be the best that they can be.As part of our commitment to provide practical support to students and families we have a ‘Food Pantry’ in school that can support families who feel the need.

The Food Pantry can provide a range of foodstuffs and other basic items for free to students and families who are part of the Montgomery community. The hard-working reception team are available to help families access the food and take it home at any point during school hours. There is no need to book, just turn up and access a range of food and other items that can make life easier for you.

The Food Pantry is supported by donations from a range of sponsors and our main source of support is the MCKS charitable foundation.

We are also trialling a ‘Food Club’ for students who want to improve their cooking skills linked to what we have in the Food Pantry. This extra-curricular activity allows students to use ingredients from the Food Pantry to learn how to cook meals and then take these ingredients from home and cook these delicious meals for the rest of their family.









The Uniform Exchange

During the normal school day, we run a ‘Standards Room’ here at Montgomery aimed at ensuring that all students are able to attend school with the correct uniform. We are able to lend items of uniform to students for them to return at the end of the day.

This support for students relies on donations from Montgomery families,

especially those year eleven students who can donate their uniform once they leave. We also accept donations of uniform that is now too small for the original owners as part of this

Another support we offer is the Uniform Exchange that is open towards the end of the summer term and on GCSE results day in the summer holidays. This allows families to bring in any unwanted uniform and exchange it for a better fitting uniform.

This helps to reduce any waste and means that good quality clothing can be passed on and recycled that can only help the environment.

The exact dates for the opening of the Uniform Exchange will be shared nearer to the time.